At L.E.D. Lights Unlimited, we feature  LED Holiday/Christmas Lights, C7, C9 and more, along with our Made in USA Quik-Klip® Products, clips which are a fantastic resource for installing indoor or outdoor lighting.
       See Video Below-Kellogg Plastics has worked with the City of Caldwell Idaho in their transition from incandescent to all LED lighting for their "Winter Wonderland" display. 

Indian Creek Lights 09' from Dan Smede on Vimeo.

     Decorating with holiday lights is becoming more of a year-round activity.  As more lighting is used and as energy rates climb, consumers find that decorating with lights is costing more.

 Stars, Snowflakes, 12 Volt Auto Boat RV Lights, Pillar Lights, Icicles, Blue and White Lights, Red White and Blue Lights, Multi Lights with Purple

   Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are an energy efficient patented technology that can reduce your energy costs - particularly when the lights are used for long periods of time, such as in commercial settings. Our Blue LED Christmas lights are extremely popular for commercial, home and church uses. 

      LED Christmas Lights are constructed from a tiny solid-state chip similar to those used in computers.  These chips directly convert electricity to light without the use of a filament or glass bulb.  Instead, the chips are encapsulated in solid plastic that can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Basic differences between conventional light bulbs and LEDs are:

  • LEDs have no filament to burn out
  • LEDs have no glass bulb to break or replace
  • LEDs produce relatively no heat
  • LEDs produce light in the most efficient method

     This latest development in decorative lighting technology promises to change the way people decorate their homes, business, and even towns for many years to come.  Less power consumption, longer product life, and durability without the hazards of excess heat build up, should make the holiday season brighter, safer, and ecologically more sound!


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