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Why You Should Choose LEDs for Your Next Home Project

Are you looking to use LED lights for your next home project? They are a great choice! You can use them virtually anywhere in your home, from the kitchen and living room to your backyard and patio.

Below, we’ll go over the details of LED lights and give you some ideas for using them the next time you start a new home project.

LED pricing

LED string lights are extremely affordable. The price may vary depending on their length, color, and style, as well as their wattage and energy efficiency. However, you can expect roughly $10-$30 per light string.

Want to know more about how LED lights compared to other bulbs in terms of price? Read our previous blog post here.

LED quality

The quality of an LED versus any other bulb on the market is completely unmatched. They are extremely durable and can withstand drastic temperatures ranging from freezing cold to scorching hot.

Additionally, they have a high color appearance, which can be measured on the Color Rendering Index (CRI).) Natural sunlight is measured at 100 and LEDs are measured around 80. To put that in perspective, standard lights only reach a CRI of about 60.

This means that LEDs produce the most natural light and can be considered the best light bulbs on the market.

Uses for LED Lights

There are plenty of uses for LED lights in your home. Below, we’ve included some great ideas that you can steal for your next project.

Kitchen lighting

Are you doing some updates in your kitchen this summer? You should think about incorporating LED string lights! You can place them above your cabinets to give your kitchen a pop of color, especially at night.

Bar lighting

String lights look fantastic in bars and basements. Line them around the edge of the bar for a really cool, party vibe when your guests are over for some fun. Or, place them above your tv to make the space feel like a movie theater.

Patio lighting

Looking to make some changes to your outdoor living space? Think about using LED patio string lights to do it. You can wrap them around patio pillars or wind them through gazebos. You can even wrap them in your trees to give the yard a whimsical vibe.

Need inspiration?

Are you in need of some inspiration for your home projects? Browse our affordable LED lights here.

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