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Does LED Lighting Cause Holiday House Fires?

It’s easy to forget about safety when you’re decking the halls but it’s been statistically proven that house fires are more likely to occur during the winter months than any other time of the year. Due to this, it is highly important that you follow all safety precautions during the holiday season to keep your home safe from potential fires. 


Most people believe that LED lighting is the main cause of house fires but there are actually many others. For more details on the most common causes of holiday house fires and how to prevent them, keep reading below!

7 Causes of House Fires

During the holidays, the last thing you want to do is worry about fires. However, it’s something that happens often and it usually has something to do with our decorations and festivities. Below are the 7 most common causes of holiday house fires and how you can prevent them in your own home.


We all love those delicious-smelling candles placed throughout the house, especially the ones that smell like freshly-baked cookies. However, they can be a serious danger to your home and family. While they’re beautiful and make your home smell wonderful, they can pose real dangers if left unattended or in places that pets/small children can leave them. 


Therefore, it’s really important that candles are placed on higher surfaces away from prying hands and paws, as well as flammable objects like curtains. You should also never leave candles burning in rooms where there is no one to look after it. This most definitely applies to when you leave home!


There is nothing better than a warm fire on a cold winter evening, but any open flame has the potential to spread to other rooms of the house. If you have a fire in your fireplace often, it is highly recommended that you do so only if you are going to be minding it attentively. 


Don’t ever light a fire in your fireplace and then leave it unattended. Fires can spread quickly with a simple, gentle breeze. Also, make sure that there is a way for the smoke to clear, or else your fire alarm will sound and your house will fill with smoke. 


Don’t leave the turkey in the oven too long! Studies have shown that holiday cooking accidents are a leading cause of house fires. These include overcooking foods in the oven, leaving the burners on when using the stove, and other general incidents relating to heat and flammable objects. 


Regardless of what you’re cooking in the kitchen, always make sure you’re keeping an eye on the food. Make sure that you’re turning all burners off once you’re done with them and keeping paper, linen, and clothing away from hot surfaces.


Sometimes, there’s a chill in the air that you just can’t get rid of. That’s why a lot of families invest in space heaters. They are great for small, cold spaces that don’t get heat from the HVAC unit but they are also dangerous if misused. 


Don’t ever leave a heater on in a room by itself. You should also never cover them or hide them behind furniture. While most of them have tip settings and automatic timers, they can still overheat easily and cause a fire to spread quickly. 


The Christmas tree is a beautiful decoration but it can cause a serious fire hazard if not cared for properly. If you have a real tree, it’s easy for them to become dehydrated. This can make the pine needles dry out and flammable. If you have a fake tree, the needles are already made of plastic so they can catch fire easily at any time.


Due to these factors, you should never put a Christmas tree in a space where it can come in contact with fire (near candles or fireplaces.) You should also make sure that the lights are all safe and not at risk of blowing. This can easily be done by checking the strands personally before putting them on the tree and making sure they are plugged in properly.

Electrical wiring

It might seem obvious to plug all of your string lights together and just plug them in wherever. However, electrical wiring issues are a major cause of holiday house fires, especially when it comes to misuse of electrical sockets. 


Always check the wattage of items and lights before plugging them into a socket. If you feel like you’re overloading an outlet, chances are, you probably are!

Christmas lights

Last but not least, Christmas lights are a common, major cause of holiday house fires. They can catch trees on fire, or house siding. They can even overload the entire electrical system, causing a power surge that may create sparks.


To make sure you’re using light strings correctly, look at the specs. Light strings come with specifications for how many can be safely strung together before meeting their max capacity. Just look at the packaging or go off of standard wattage rules


And there you have it – 7 common causes of holiday house fires. While the holidays are a great time for decor and celebration, they can be dangerous if you don’t plan and prepare correctly. 

Safe LED Lighting

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