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Creative Ways to Hang LED Light Strings

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about Christmas decor and all the ways you’re going to blow last year’s decorations out of the water. If so, join the club! Everyone is eager to spread Christmas cheer this year, even if the entire process can be overwhelming. 

Are you finding yourself stressed heading into this holiday season? Don’t be! Your Christmas decor can go from boring to amazing with just a few lighting simple hacks. Want to know how to easily and creatively hang LED light strings so you’ll have the best decorations on the block? Keep reading below!

Ways to hang light strings

There are tons of ways to hang light strings for Christmas but most of them are time-consuming and frustrating. To take the stress out of hanging light strings, use these 4 products. They’ll make the process easy and creative!

Quik clips

It’s almost a given to see LED Christmas lights draped along roof gutters. Most people spend hours and hours getting those lights up there and stapling them just right. Want to achieve the same professional look without the hassle? Invest in some quik clips.

With quik clips, you’ll be able to attach light strings to almost any surface. You just nail them in place and then the lights attach right to the clip. It’s that easy! Then, you leave them up all year long so all the hard work is done for the years to come.

Interested in having the color coordinate with your house’s fascia board or siding? They can be dyed with RIT dye to match!

Light stakes

Lining pathways and yards with light strings is so lovely and magical but it’s a pain, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. With light stakes, you can line any pathway or yard with light strings in just a few simple steps.

Take the light stakes, place them along the pathways or in the yard however you’d like, then string up to 14 miniature lights through them. Trust us, it makes the whole process so much more simple.

Shingle tabs

Want to hang lights on your roof shingles? If so, don’t waste time stapling light strings to the roof. Try using shingle tabs instead. They’ll slide right under the shingles, then all you have to do is attach the light strings accordingly. Do straight lines or create images, there’s no limit to creativity with shingle tabs!

Siding clips

Do you want to create lighted scenes on the side of your home, but you’re not sure how? Look into siding clips. You can create whatever lighting vision you have without nailing or gluing lights in place. Just slide the clips into place, hang your lights by the cord, and then slide them right back off when you’re done. It’s that easy!

Ask us more

Want to learn more about these products and where to get them? Look no further than LED Lights Unlimited! We offer a wide selection of LED light strings and lighting accessories, fit for all of your decorating needs.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today, we can help your bring your lighting vision to life!

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