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5 Great Ways To Use LED Light Sets

Lights shape how people live and work together. They affect how we feel, how we see, and how we interact with the spaces around us, both natural and man-made.

LED light sets are a flexible way to customize your environment to match the event, time of year, and mood. There are several different applications and options to create a cozy, welcoming space.

Here are five ways to use them.

Set The Stage With Patio Lighting

The patio is a place to come together. It’s the perfect area to connect. Right outside the home, next to the barbecue, in the backyard — wherever that patio is, there’s likely a good time waiting to happen.

Wouldn’t you want those guests or your family to feel warm, welcome, as if the world was waiting for them to sit right there with you? Look no further than a warm white string light.

Warm lighting relaxes the eyes and body. Maybe it’s something primal within us, like a fire is nearby to keep us safe. In this case, stringing it across a patio is like wrapping the evening in a warm embrace.

They’ll illuminate the area, but not in an abrasive way. Leave that to the security floodlights later on in the dead of night. 

Looking for something unique? Try a kit with a unique sparkle, or a cascading light.

Draw The Eye With Accent Lighting

You’ve done it. You found, built, or purchased that perfect thing. It could be a painting. Or a knick-knack. A set of snow globes. Maybe you completed that collection of decorative plates. Who are we to judge what makes you happy?

The point is that it’s now on display and accent lighting will draw the eye to it. If you got it, flaunt it. Or so they say.

Accent lighting directs a source of light onto a subject to highlight its significance in the space. It’s like taking a highlighter to notes on a piece of paper, except in this case it’s coming from a cost-effective bulb.

The color of the light can change depending on the circumstance — pure white, warm white, it’s really the dealer’s choice, so to speak. Beyond just highlighting something, it’s a way to add visual interest and depth to a room. We’ve all had that flat white wall in a hallway or room and wondered why it felt so unwelcoming and uninteresting.

And, accent lighting is a great wayfinder to guide people through an area like a staircase. There’s a reason movie theaters have that strip of lighting beneath the stairs. 

Led light sets don’t just have to be in the home though.

Keep It Classy With Camping Lighting

Imagine: You’re camping out in the woods, settling down for the night near a mountain trail, or sitting next to your motorhome. The sun sets. What then?

You don’t have to snap one of those headlamps to your forehead or just lug around a flashlight with old batteries you forgot to swap out (or is that just me?). An LED light set is a simple way to light the trail and keep a comfortable environment when settling into the wilderness.

Maybe you string them in the motorhome? Outside near the awning? A campground doesn’t just need to be lit by a campfire (although they are nice).

The point is you have the option to own the space you’re settling into, and that doesn’t just stop at home.

Light Up That Big Day 

Yes, weddings, events, and bridal showers can be a formal environment, but why not have fun with them? Who says that you have to use flat, washed-out, overhead lighting? 

LED light sets can be housed in frosted lanterns, rustic cages, or shimmering plastic for added effect. The light itself is just one part of how to set the tone. Be creative with where and how it’s placed.

It’s common to want to rent out a big formal space, but a barn with strings of warm light spread across the venue will provide just the right balance of down-home comfort and romantic fanfare.

While they light up the room, so will you. 

Holiday Lighting

String up that Christmas tree with multi-colored lights. Break out icicle lighting. Wrap up those stockings by the chimney.

Independence Day deserves a red, white, and blue set of bulbs. 

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making everyone shine green under a set of colored lights. 

Bask in reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day — or oranges, greens, and purples for Halloween. 

If there’s a color scheme, and most holidays have one, then there’s a festive way to spice up the room.

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