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LED Lights

Choosing The Best Outdoor Light Sets

How do you choose between what’s nice to have and what’s right to have when shopping? It’s a tough decision to make. The best outdoor light sets walk a line between what makes sense on paper and what feels right in the location. There are three areas to consider when selecting an LED light set.…

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5 Great Ways To Use LED Light Sets

Lights shape how people live and work together. They affect how we feel, how we see, and how we interact with the spaces around us, both natural and man-made. LED light sets are a flexible way to customize your environment to match the event, time of year, and mood. There are several different applications and…

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Benefits of Using LED Lights

LED Lights, or Light-Emitting-Diodes, are a relatively new technology. The United States Department of Energy lists LEDs as “one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies.” LEDs have become a favorite new illuminator for homes, holidays, businesses, and more. LED Lights have many advantages and few disadvantages. Research shows that LED lights are energy-efficient,…

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Do LED Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

Traditional lights and light strings can use a surprising amount of electricity. However, an alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs emerged with incredible savings. LED lights are brighter, better, and even spread cheer to your wallet. LED light strings have come a long way since their introduction and come in a wide spectrum of vivid colors.…

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Are LED Lights Safe for Pets?

Taking care of our furry loved ones is a big responsibility. We want them to be safe and happy in our homes and that means we do everything we can to give them the best food, toys, and loving home possible. Technology makes this process easier for us with great online delivery services and useful…

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5 Ways to Use LED Lights in Your Home This Spring

Thinking about changing things up in your home this spring? That’s great! Each spring, many people like to change their home decor or style to welcome a new year of potential. One great way to do this is with lighting. Lighting is a great way to add character and excitement to your home. This is…

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What Is Commercial Lighting and Why Is It Important?

Have you found yourself researching commercial lighting for your business or personal needs? If so, you probably have a few questions about it. Especially regarding what it is and why it’s important. If you want to learn more about commercial lighting, keep reading below.  What is commercial lighting? Commercial lighting is high quality, durable lighting…

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Common Questions Everyone Asks Before Buying LED Lights

Thinking about investing in LED lights? Chances are, you probably have lots of questions about them. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. There are plenty of questions everyone asks before buying LED lights. LED FAQ’s The most common questions that come up include: Do they get hot? Many people wonder if LED lights get…

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