Do LED Lights Get Hot?

LED lights are becoming more popular in the world of lighting. But, do LED lights get hot? The answer is no! In this blog post, we will discuss why led lights don’t get hot while also providing some other factors to consider when selecting a light for your home or business.

Less Energy Means Less Heat

One reason that LEDs don’t get hot is that they use less energy than other light sources such as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. This means that far less heat is generated, which also leads to a longer life of the LED bulb because it’s not operating at such high temperatures for extended periods like some older lighting technologies.

Even if you leave your LED lights on for hours they will still not get hot to the touch. Plus, you can also feel at ease leaving your LED bulbs unattended because in most cases if one does overheat it will shut itself off before causing serious damage or fire.

LED Lights Are Cool To The Touch

Now “LED Lights Don’t Get Hot” isn’t to be confused with “They don’t generate heat”. Any electrical device will without fail produce some amount of heat.

LED bulbs are specifically designed to dissipate the majority of this energy through a metal substrate and housing, which is why LEDs don’t get hot to touch even if they have been on for hours.

If you have ever changed a lightbulb in your home and happen to have used LEDs you know that they can get slightly warm, but not hot enough to ever cause any damage.

How Much Energy Is Converted Into Heat With LED Lights

While bulbs such as incandescents turn roughly 85% of their energy into heat, the majority of LEDs convert a mere 20% or less.

With such a small amount of energy being turned into heat, it is clear why they don’t get hot.

What happens instead with LEDs is that some energy can be lost as visible light and infrared radiation (heat). The absence of this wasted energy makes LEDs very efficient and helps them last longer than other lighting technologies on average.

So, if you are planning on purchasing LED lights for your home or business they will most likely not get hot. The only ever valid concern for any sort of heat with LED lights would be exposed wiring.

If you have exposed wiring in a room that your LED lights are installed, be sure the wires cannot get hot enough to start a fire. This is not an issue with most modern LEDs but something to keep in mind when purchasing and installing them for safety purposes!

No Burnt Christmas Trees From LED String Lights

With the proper LED string lights you can feel safe knowing that they are not creating enough heat to burn your Christmas tree. This is why LED lights are becoming so popular for the holiday season because they provide plenty of light without burning your decorations or yourself!

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Disclaimer: Our products are ROHS-compliant. This means that we are aware they may contain lead but do not exceed the allowable amounts.